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Monday, March 11th, 2002
as i write this i am sitting at the BEST COMPUTER IN THE WORLD at the Anomalies secret headquarters! this man name Morgan Gallon gave us this place, it is like last year's summer camp but TEN tIMES BETTER. Mr. Gallon seems a little creepy at first but i guess he is a nice guy.

so i am supposed to be at soccer but soccer just seems so BORING and plus the fact that i am a super hero now gives me an unfair advantage over the other girls. ULTRA GIRL tried to rat me out but i told her that if she tell mom I will tell her about Tokio Disneyland!!! That shut her up!

so let me tell you about the other people on the team, since veryone knows about ULTRA GIRL

STAND UP MAN - he is the guy who SAVED MY LIFe so he is like the big brother i never had. he is always trying to be funny and i laugh but nobody else does so i stopped laughing. he is cool anyway especially for an old guy.

TRIPLE MONKEY - now there is a funny guy, he is our leader and he is really cool, even the time he shot Sassy. YES SHOT HER!!! but she wasnt even hurt because Ultra Girl rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEEKER - he is like a little ball of light that talks. i dont really understand what he is or why he hangs out with us.

SHATTERSONG - she is a GIRL but you would knot know it becuase she is an ALIEN yes an ALIEN from another planet! She is a keshelamanshi and she looks scary but really she likes to SING! i am going to bring up some CDs next time so she can listen to some good music. GIRL POWER!!!!

MARVIN - he is a wizard with a talking bird and he is really good at computers. he seems kinda cute in a geeky way, maybe he will ask my sister out!! HEY MARVIN ASK SASSY OUT!!!!

ALBERICH - i only saw him a few times but he reminds me of Morgen Gallon, altho he wears this crazy armor that always has funny glowing dots. AND he talks like something out of a movie! I swear this guy is 7 or 8 feet tall and he makes Arnold Swartenegger look like a wimp! I think he is from Sweden.

anyway i have to go, marvin wants his computer back!!!! this is CLUE LASS signing off from ANOMALIES HEADQUARTERS, bye!!

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Sunday, March 10th, 2002
7:57 pm - OHIO GOZIMUS!!!
O man!!! YOU WONT BELIEVe WHERE SASSY TOOK ME!! we were just in JAPAN which is the COOLEST PLACE ever except nobody seems to speak english well

but we went to TOKYO DISNEYLAND which is just like the time that we went to Anahime EXCEPT that everything was reall reall small! so i felt like i was TEN FEET TALL.


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Friday, March 8th, 2002
12:00 pm - b*itch at school!
so this stupid girl i wont say her name but her initals are "KW" (U KNOW WHO U R!!!) was real b*itchy to me and she and her friends made fun of my shirt. i thot that maybe i should do something bad to them but then i remember that WITH GREAT POWEr COMES GREAT REsPONSIbILITY like triple monkey told me but i think he was joking or something. anyway i have to live by the SUPER HERO CODE and that means you cant be mean to people and beat them up unless they are wearing costumes or lab coats.

it is not easy being a junior high school super hero!!!

anyway i think this guy in math class likes me. i will write more about him later, he keeps loking at me or MAYBe HE SUSPECTs I am a SUPER HEROINE!!!

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2002
11:55 am - bored
here i am in stupid cOMPUTER FUDAMENTALS CLASS, this is so boring, my sister's friend MARVIN knows so much more about computers than Mr. Glick!!! I wish he were my teacher instead :(

hey guess what? my sister can fly now!

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2002
3:52 pm - ANOMALIES
Okay i found out that i was spelling it WRONG the whole TIME it is actually ANOMALIES and it means strange unexpected stuff i guess, like the weirdos but cooler.


i forgot to say it is not just SASSY's group it is MY GROUP because i am CLUE LASS!!!




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Tuesday, February 12th, 2002
3:49 pm - MY SISTEr THE TV STAR!!!!!
didja all see ULTRA GIRL on tv last night??? THAT IS MY SISTER SHE IS THe COoLEST SIStER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant tell you her name cuz her id is secret but if u are reading this I LOVE YOU SASSY!!!

and the name of her super hero group is the Anamlees! i dont know what it means but i guess it is something cool. i will try to find out!! maybe Stand Up Man will tell me.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
12:48 pm - school sux
it sucks to be a real live SUPER HEROINe and you still have to go school and all the other kids dont know and you cant TELL them because it is your SECRET ID and i really wish this stupid COMPUTER CLASS would be over soon so i can go hang out with Sassy i mean ULTRA GIRL (forget i said sassy that is a secret) and i hate school it sucks


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Monday, January 28th, 2002
7:37 pm - THIS IS SOOOOO COOL!!!
omigosh i can't believe it!!!! my SISTER is a SUPEr HERO! she is INVULENERANABLE TO BULLETS and stuff! it is the coolest thing ever!!! And also i met this old guy, he is probaably like FORTY but he is COOL anyways and he TELLS JOKeS and has a gun and he saved me!!!!

and now I am a superhero too! I am CLUE LASS, mighty finder of clues! Is that awesome or what? Together me and SASSY (that is her secret id, i kno you wont tell anyone cuz you are all on my FrIENDS LIST) and the others will FIGHT CRIME!!!


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